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The Mission

Give artists a place to help them grow in their passion.

A platform that is by artists for artists and that shares successes together.

Art is the oldest communication of mankind, and lives in the most modern communication,

the internet.

It says ,if you can hear nothing. You can see it, if you can see nothing.

Art is everywhere. Art gives us life.

Build the world of your art,
and discover those of others.

Together we create a new place

We want to keep the culture of art alive and create a place for it.

Our time moves faster and faster and more often we leave passion in the background.

What's that supposed to mean?

People want it to be even faster, even bigger, even more lucrative, and we often forget one thing, the humanity and passion.

Art has many faces, it can live in so many things. Like in cars, in pictures, in fashion, in houses or even in music.

Art is so uniquely great.

But unfortunately many outstanding artists no longer get the recognition in society like other things, athletes or influencers for example.

Artists have always liked to be among themselves, but unfortunately there was never a group in which all art movements met and exchanged among themselves. Though artists could learn so much from each other.

For example, a draughtsman masters spatial thinking and knows tricks to exploit it for himself. Where a musician can play more with emotions and bring them better to his audience.

One type of art knows better in some areas than the other.

We think the art has earned more than before.

PosterStar is not a platform,

a Poster-Star is everyone who shares their art with others.

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Develop and help others

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